Saturday, May 1, 2010

Linguine White Clam Sauce alla Walgreens $4.85

Well Kim and I were planning on kicking off our Walgreens challenge next week with Tuna Meatballs, and then Kim and I realized our recipe for yesterday- Eggplant Parmegeana didnt really appeal to either of us....for some reason, of all the vegetables in the world, I just dont like the texture of eggplant, and neither does my blogging partner Kim. So since my Aldi didnt have eggplant lastweek, and I really didnt want to go to the grocery store on such a beautiful day(80 and sunny- awesome for Chicago in April!)we decided to start the Walgreens challenge yesterday. So I got on my bike and headed over to Walgreens(about 5 minutes from my house by bike) and scanned the food aisle. Within minutes, tons of recipe ideas came to my mind, and I realized this "challenge" wasnt going to be difficult at all.
Lastnight, I needed something basic and easy, so I grabbed a box of spaghetti, and a can clams. Now, if I was doing all my shopping at Walgreens for my Linguine White Clam sauce, I would have purchased olive oil(on sale for $3.29-and that is on sale often)garlic salt, garlic powder,red pepper flakes and dried parsley, all available at Walgreens, but I allready have those items. Point is though, I would need to go no further then Walgreens for this meal.
meal takes 20 minutes from start to finish to prepare- here goes it:

1 lb linguine$1.99
1 can clams$1.99
3 tablespoons olive oil .40
1 tsp garlic powder .10
2 tsp garlic salt .12
1 tablespoon dried parsley .10
red pepper optional(as much or little as you like) .15

Total: $4.85
$ 1.22 per serving

Boil noodles as directed
heat large skillet with oil on low
add clams with clam juice, garlic salt, garlic powder
when noodles cooked, drain and toss in skillet with clam sauce
serve with parsley and red pepper if desired

This pasta was very good and very tasty. I would say honestly fresh garlic would have been the only ingredient I would have preferred, however, I know many, many people who dont like a lot of strong garlic in their food, whether they dont digest it well, or just dont like it, so it isnt always missed.

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