Friday, April 30, 2010

The Walgreens Challenge

A while back I challenged myself to not go to Walgreens everyday, not because I didnt like Walgreens, but because I LOVE WALGREENS!!!!! The problem with Walgreens is they have such great sales at all times, that if I go in there to get a "posterboard" for my son, I end up getting some makeup, or lotion, or fuzzy socks,or a candle, or a bunch of things in the "markdown" section, inotherwords,I dont stop at the posterboard. Walgreen is a siv for me when bargain shopping. Now, sometimes out of convenience, I shop Walgreens because we may absoloutely need something, and dont want to go to the local Target, which may be less expensive but 5 miles away, Aldi(which as you know from blog is my "goto" store, but its 15 minutes away and I cant drive there for a few items)and lastly I dont want to deal with the hassle of shopping at the local grocery store simply because it takes so long to get in and out of store. Also, the truth is, in my area, Walgreens everyday prices on milk and eggs are always less expensive then Safeway.
I read an article about Walgreens increasing its food selection, and right away, I thought, how genius of Walgreens to cater to convenience shoppers like myself who want to cook and not eat out and cant or dont want to get to a big grocerystore? So that is when Kim and I came up with the idea to do the Walgreens cooking challenge. We are going to incorporate into our blog atleast once a week a recipe from Walgreens. There is a bunch of criteria this challenge has to meet starting with the entres have to be healthy and meet many food group requirements, fairly easy to prepare, relatively inexpensive(hopefully we will find sales) and use instore and manufacturer coupons. The challenge doesnt include frozen or prepackaged meals, and lastly the challenge can include breakfast, lunch, dinner appetizer, snack or healthy dessert.

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