Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blackened Orange Roughy with Jalepeno Lime sauce $3.79

Doesnt this sound good? This is not for the non spice lovers, but for those who can take some heat. Not only does it seem like it is going to have a kick to it, it would appear very low fat(Kim whats your rough estimate?) I like to go light when watching Biggest Loser especially since I didnt have time to work out today. Infact, I a going to have to get this recipe posted and then dash to get my child at play practice and get him to baseball practice until 7:30. I allready made my blackening rub and my lime/jalepeno sauce, so making the fish should take more then 15 minutes to whip on out.
First time making or eating this, so I or Kim will make adjustments if need be after

4 orange Roughy filets$2.29
1 jalepeno.50
2 tablespoons lime.40
1 tablespoon chili powder.10
1 tsp cumin.05
1 tsp paprika.05
1 tsp black pepper.05
1 tablespoon oil.20
2 tablespoons butter.15

First cook up jalepeno in skillet until blackend, or slice up and place on panini maker or George Foreman Grill
after blackened,place in plastic bag and close bag
in the meantime combine all the spice, mix well
poor oil into skillet and heat
sprinkle dry mixture on fish, pat evenly on both sides of fish
place fish in skillet cook evenly on both sides for 4 minutes each
while fish is cooking, remve skin from jalepeno and place in blender or food processor with lime juice, pulse until smooth consistency
when fish fully cooked, brush melted butter on each piece and brush on jalepeno lime combination.
ok, Im excited, I hope it comes out as good as it sounds.

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