Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackbean Burgers $3.91

If I had to choose my favorite Super Food, I think it would be a toss up between blackbeans and blueberries. I not only like them prepared many different ways, I even like them alone. These little black treasures are extremely high in fiber, which aids in lowering cholesteral, and aids in lowering blood sugar which is awesome, especially for diabetics. They are also high in antioxidents which is great for keeping free radicals at bay(inother words, important in the prevention of horrendous cancer cells, Ya!!) Also, lets not forget the all important protein these tiny black jewels contain, they contain so much iron, 20.1% of our daily reccomnded allowance. Can you believe a can of blackbeans with all their goodness cost a mere .59? I actually couldnt get to my Aldi today, so I went to my local grocery store which I usually dont frequent unless I purchase items on sale. I did get kinda lucky at Jewel(Albertsons) and got 2 cans of blackbeans for .79 each on sale from .99, and that did make me happy, well happier, .59 would have been better. Sometime when planning a meal and shopping, one must weigh out time, travel and quite frankly gas prices. Gas right now is high, and I need to be in the area of Aldi tomorrow, so I didnt want to take the 15 minute drive two days in a row. My minivan is a gas guzzler! This folks is why grocerylist and meal planning is KEY! However, even at the "over payment" of blackbeans the burgers still only cost $2.31 for 4 of them!! Throw in another .60 for buns(if desired) another dollar for tomato, lettuce onion, maybe some mustard, we are talking $3.91 for a protein, iron packed SUPER FOOD dinner that can feed 4 hungry people.
For my recipe tonight the only ingredient I didnt allready have was blackbeans, so going local made sense, tomorrow I will do the big shopping, which never is that big since starting this project. I have "hidden" blackbeans in ground beef before when making meatballs, but I have never had a solid beanburger before, so I am interested to see how the recipe turns out. OK, lets give it a shot: oh BTW, I have an avocado, so I am going to make a guacomole to top the burger, I can hardly wait.....

2 cans black beans $1.58
1/2 onion .20
2 tsp cumin .05
1 egg.08
1/2 chili powder.05
1/2 bread crumbs.20
2 garlic cloves chopped.10
2 tsp parsley.05
drain beans very well
combine all ingredients in food processor
pulse until combined but not so much that it is smooth(inotherword, keep kinda lumpy)
remove and form mixture into patties
if frying, add 1 tablespoon olive or canola oil to large skillet on medium flame
add burgers 2 at a time, cook 3 minutes on each side
or bake on a cookie sheet
5 minutes on one side then flip to the other

1 ripe avocado pealed and destoned(is that a word?)
1/4 onion diced well
1 tsp fresh lime or lime juice
salt and pepper
combine ingredients and mash with fork very well

Burgers can be served with bread, hamburger buns, or lettuce like a wrap(thats how I am eating it, because I have been having too much carbs with all that Agio Olio pasta Ive been eating(: )

The Herons were CRAZY about these patties!  We LOVED them, and will make them again with different varieties!  Like mushroom, swiss, or sweet onion & bbq, mmm, terrific starter, B!

trying not to overdo the carbs, we too went open face topped with the AWESOME Aldi fresh tomato Salsa  and with a side of home-baked corn tortilla chips!

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  1. Wow, I was just looking at our burgers Kim, and I think they look s good! I rank them up there with the "chickpea pasta" for meals I wasnt sure I would like or would work, and they did. Cooking anything but Italian used to intimidate me, and now I feel so brave to try anything that comes our way. What should I make for my Birthday dinner tomorrow night?