Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potato Encrusted Whitefish $2.73

OK, so I found a recipe for this awesome sounding fish in a magazine, and then I couldnt remember the magazine, so I went on the internet to find a similar recipe. I thought the recipe called for dry potato flakes so that is what I purchased and then I found a bunch of recipes that used real potato shredded...and I always like the real deal, so that is what I went with. Most recipes called for frying the fish pieces, so that is what I did. I thought the results were less then exciting. Ontop of tasting kinda bland, the potatoes still had that raw potato taste. I dont think frying up shredded potato for 6 minutes is enough time to cook it, and if the fish was cooked any longer then that, it would have started to really flake. I also would include more seasonings in the potato mixture, and possibly some bread crumbs b/c the potatoes were really wet. Kim is going to use the potato flakes to make the dish, so I am curious of the results. The potato wont taste raw that is for sure.
4 white fish filets(thawed)$1.98
2 medium potatoes .35
1/4 cup horseradish mustard .20
1 tsp onion powder.05
1 tsp garlic powder.05
salt and pepper
1/4 cup olive oil.10

peal and shred potatos very thin
dry any moisture from fish
coat whitefish with horseradish mustard
encase the entire filets with potato
sprinkle each with the onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper
heat oil in skillet and turn oven to 350
when oil hot place fish in skillet
brown on each side atleast two or three minutes
remove from heat and serve with melted lemon butter(or just lemon wedges)
Im baking two filets to see how they come out(potato probably wont be as crispy, even if I spray some olive oil on the potato)
We shall see

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