Friday, April 23, 2010

pasta aglio olio with Zucchini $3.63

OK, Kim laughs a lot at me when Its my turn to choose a meal, because she thinks garlic and olive oil with pasta and some kind of veggie is my "go to" meal. However, the truth is, I just love the whole combo, and because I love vegetables, the possibilities are endless as are the combinations. So tonight is pasta with zucchini, but watch in the next few weeks what I come up with, if I dont get vetoed. Here's the very simple but delicious recipe

4 medium size zucchinis(yellow or green, I have yellow)$1.99
1 lb pasta- Im using spaghetti.99
3 tablespoon extra virgin olive .25
3 garlic cloves minced .15
1/4 cup onion sliced thinly .10
salt and pepper to taste
parm cheese.15

2 tablespoons parsley dry or fresh
red pepper flakes optional

Begin by cooking pasta
peel and slice zucchine thickness of a nickle
heat 2 tblsp oil in large skillet on low, add onion until soft and glassy 10 minutes
add minced garlic, saute on low with onion 5 more minutes
add zucchini salt and pepper, saute unitl zucchini slightly soft and glassy, remove from heat immediately(zucchini can become soft and mushy if over cooked even slightly)
when pasta cooked drain and toss in skillet with zucchine, add tablespoon of olive oil and saute for a few minutes
serve in individual bowls with parsley, parm cheese and red pepper(if desired)
brought to you by The Fit, Fast and Frugal Foodies


  1. Looks great!
    I can just see our cookbook now!
    It will have a whole section devoted to "aglio olio". Then, you'll turn to the section and it will say this:

    boil one pound of pasta
    prepare veggie of choice with loads of garlic (and maybe some onion)
    toss with 1/4 cup olive oil
    top with parm.
    enjoy! And, it's SO much better if served in pretty dishes with alot of good red wine and some friends!

    THEN... we'll have six more pages of veggie ideas. I think we'll list the veggies in reverse alphabetical order just because!

    Love you babe! This actually does look appealing, but the Body For Life eater just can't get my arms around repeatedly eating this dish with nearly no protein. I'd have to serve this with some white fish.

  2. Hey Missy, what do you have against this poor little delicious meal that cost somewhere around .70 a serving? Lots of nutrients coming from the veggies as well. Dont forget you can always throw in whitebeans, they go great with spinach, brocolli etc...what about chicken? that would be great as well tossed in. You need your carbs especially if you are going to run 8 miles in a day(btw, you rock Kim!!)Ill give Aglio Olio a rest for a bit, but it aint over yet.