Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chef Salad $3.61

This is probably the most famous salad out there, and the one that is most commonly found on menus. The history on the salad is a bit sketchy, but sufice to say it was created by a "chef", sometime in the 1930's. The vegetables vary a bit, but the constants seem to be iceburg or romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, deli meat and slices of cheese cut in strips. The dressing also varies. Some say tradition dictates thousand island, some say french, I personally prefer blue cheese, balsamic combination.
This is what I am putting in mine
chopped romaine$1.20
hard boiled eggs(2).16
ham .60
swiss cheese.40
dressing of choice 1/2 cup bluecheese .45
2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar .20
If I had some I would include avocado
other ideas:
cheddar cheese
provolone cheese
anything that sounds good.....

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  1. Perhaps the first salad I ever remember watching my parents eat. It came in this round clear glass, deep edged (like you might eat cereal out of) bowl with the traditional lettuce leaf print on the edge. It was at the Pizza Port in Lake Delton WI. My parents were REGULARS! (to the point that when I took a date there when I was about 17 years old they still remembered me!). Anyway, they ALWAYS got two Port Salads - which were chef salads, and they were very similar to my picture above except that they had black olives on them, but I didn't have time to open and slice olives on this busiest of Wednesday nights (my brownie troop meets at 5:45 - my co-leaders house is 25 minutes away). My Dad's salad had Thousand Island dressing, my Mom's had French... SO funny that Barbara would mention these as the most common dressings. There was also usually cherry tomatoes on the salad - I don't eat raw cherry tomatoes, so we didn't have any of those either. All in all, my picture is disgustingly boring, but it did make me think of my parents, so that makes it all worth it! Enjoy the salad - get over the picture.