Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Saturday Night

Well its another Saturday Night and I find myself alone. Being a divorced mom with an Ex, I dont have Michael everyother weekend. Saturday night is usually the night I will make an effort not to be alone...maybe because I think of it as "couples" night, and even family night-as I think lots of families get together with spouses and kids, if not just other couples, so it is the one night a week, I dwell on my solitary status. I usually dont get included in the "family" or "couple" get togethers, so I have many built in options for Saturday Night(well, "many options", is a slight exaggeration.} I have a handful of divorced friends, and sometimes our schedules are on same page and we are childless the same night, so we will go to dinner, or else my mom is free lots since my father recently passed away, and she always welcomes a dinner out on Saturday night.
Since we started this project January 1st however, I have brought dinner to friends houses,or had people over every Saturday night Michael wasnt here. Tonight, however, I didnt get home until after 6 from my sons Basketball Tournement, and my mom had taken my brothers 5 kids to dinner since she was babysitting them, and there I was- left to eat alone. Our new rule for Saturday Night is leftovers, since we have discovered through this blog, by Saturday there is usually some food leftover, whether it is prepared food we made or left over ingredients. Ie, this week I had salad left over, tomatos, onion, beans, shrimp, tortilla chips, ranch dressing, so I made a version of the southwestern salad I loved so much a few weeks ago. I did sit infront of the TV to eat, but normally I wouldnt have even made anything, I would have grabbed some chips and salsa, or icecream, so actually making something for myself when I was alone was a huge accomplishment.
My mom brought up a funny question about dating, since she is always concerned about me dating someone, anyone:) She wanted to know if I would invite them to dinner, since I am not eating out this year, Im thinking not first date, or second, perhaps third, but consequently without having to buy me dinner, I am a cheap date. Lucky guy!

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