Friday, March 19, 2010

shopping list - March 21-27 $60.47

This week's menu created in a coffee shop, after working on another project, without Jenna the amazing 3 year old, AND...WITHOUT COOKBOOKS!  welcome to our shopping list you brave brave soul!  Seriously, we've only forgotten one item (syrup for my french toast) ... you gotta have FAITH!

Aisle One Staples

1000 Island Dressing $1.19
Slivered or Sliced Almonds $2.49
Canola oil or sesame oil $1.99
Rice Vinegar or White Vinegar $1.99
Soy Sauce
Ground Ginger or fresh ginger root
Capers $2.69
Garlic (you’ll need it 3 or 4 times this week!).89
Dried Parsley .99
Artichokes (plain, not marinated)$2.29
Olive Oil (if you’re running low, grab it, we’re using a lot this week)$3.99
Anchovies (totally optional!)
Water chestnuts (optional)
Crackers, Crustini, breadstick, for dipping/spreading tapas dinner$1.19

Swiss Cheese Block or slices $1.99
Provolone Cheese Slices $1.99
Reduced Fat Cream Cheese .99

Sauerkraut (or left over cabbage from St. Patrick’s Day Feast)
2 cans Mandarin Oranges (or one big can).98
Long Gran Rice (Abborrio is preferred for Risotto)$2.29
Parmesan Cheese, grated $2.29
Spaghetti noodles .99
Marinara $1.19

Romaine Hearts or Bagged Salad $2.49
Bag Salad - ready to eat $1.99
Lemon .89
Potatoes (of your choosing – sweet, white or red) $2.49
Baby carrots .99
Mushrooms, white button, Porcini, or Portabella – all three for fun if your budget allows $1.49
Broccoli .99
Spinach (frozen can substitute!).99

Corned Beef (left over from St. Patrick’s Day Feast)

2 + lbs Chicken Breast (not tenders)$6.29
Tilapia Fillets $3.99
Spinach (fresh can substitute).99

Mini Cocktail Rye Bread $1.49
White Wine $2.29
Chicken Broth (resealable box or can).69

Looks like you can get it ALL FROM ALDI (or whatever discount store there is near you!)... unless you want anchovies, and really, I mean REALLY?  Water Chestnuts might be a challenge as may the rice vinegar and sesame oil ... BUT, a few weeks ago Aldi had a big push on Asian-type foods ... these products very well MAY be in your Aldi.  You can also splurge on the mushrooms and maybe to get the "right" kind of rice for Barbara's Risotto Wednesday.

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