Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thursday's Mediterranean Mahi Mahi $9.10

Another menu item compliments of the Body for Life program -
A lemon-seasoned fillet cooked "campfire style" in a foil packet!

Mediterranean Mahi Mahi ($9.10 for FOUR grown-up servings!)
2 cans cannellini beans, drained & rinsed ($1.26)
6 roma tomatoes, diced ($1.99)
1/2 cup fresh basil, sliced (free from your garden, or $1.00 from store)
4 portions Mahi Mahi fillets (or any other thick white fish fillet) ($4.99)
1 tsp lemon-pepper seasoning (.05)
2 lemons, sliced ($.80)

Divide the beans onto each of 4 large squares of aluminum foil.  Then add 1/4 of the tomatoes and 1/4 of the basil.  Next the mahi mahi topped with the seasoning salt then the a couple slices of lemon.

Fold the foil packet to completely seal the packet - make sure to wrap up all edges so it is "sealed"! 

Either grill for 14 or so minutes or bake each foil packet on a baking sheet in your oven at 450 degrees for 18 minutes.

slide into a shallow bowl or a plate and enjoy your Mediterranean Fish Fillets!
Here's another shot of the dish - this one made with the oft' substituted canned tomatoes in lieu of fresh.  The juice is different colored, and the beans may pick up more tomato flavor versus the lemony flavor of the fresh tomato dish.  Never the less, a very "do-able" substitution, and a really yummy dish!

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  1. I had this the other day and it was very, very good. Tonight I plan to make it for my kids. I like the idea of putting it in the foil wrap and just letting cook in the oven. It was really good.