Monday, March 15, 2010

Pollo Formaggio $5.20

Heres another dish I remember back from my waitressing days at a relatives Italian restaurant. When I started to write it out, I vaguely remember basil included in the chicken as well as red pepper, but since I didnt include it on our grocery list, it is not in this recipe, but it would certainly add color and even more flavor. I am still confident that this dish will be very tasty. We are serving it with pasta, but as usual anything can go. Roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, or vegetables.

Pollo Formaggio

2 large Chicken breasts $$3.15
2 tblsp olive oil .10
1/2 white wine .25
4 slices mozarella .35
8 red pieces red roasted pepper .45
1/4 c flour .05
salt and pepper

Total $4.35
slice chicken lengthwise and pound thin
salt and pepper chicken
dip in flour
place in baking dish
pour olive oil and white wine over chicken evenly
bake at 350 20 minutes
top with red pepper and mozarella and bake another 10 minutes

serve over pasta aglio olio
1/2 lb pasta .50
2 garlic cloves .10
2 tblsp olive oil .25
heat olive oil on low and saute garlic in large skillet
cook noodles according to instruction
toss cooked noodles in skillet with garlic and olive oil
Total $5/20
Here's the Heron family pic - we LOVED it!!!

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