Monday, March 22, 2010

Cornbeef Soup $1.68

OK, I have taken the usage of Cornbeef and Cabbage to the limit. I found I still had a bit of Cornbeef and Cabbabge left and the "new" me doesnt throw away food anymore, so I began to research options and I found an interesting repeat for the Irishfare-Reuben Soup. The recipe was actually very basic.
2 10 oz cans of beef broth $1.08
corn beef shredded(2 cups)
any cabbage and carrots I have left over
4 slices swiss cheese .40
4 slices rye bread(cubed) .20
total $1.68
Heat all in a sauce pan 20 minutes
pour steaming hot soup in equal serving soup bowls
drop equal amounts of cubed rye bread in each bowl
top each with slices of swiss cheese
In theory the soup seems a bit like french onion soup, however, I dont think my guests though so.
My brother said it was just "ok", but that is coming off of having cornbeef 3 times in 6 days, that could be overkill.
My friend Jeff said it tasted a bit like dirt ): just kidding(well, not kidding about his comment, but kidding about being sad about his comment) I wasnt upset, sometimes cooking ideas dont work, but the fun part about this year challenge is trying, and in general being happy with the results.
Im done with Cornbeef, there is not an ounce left in my house!! Probably wont be again until next March.
Does anyone have any other cornbeef usage ideas? cornbeef tacos, cornbeef salad, cornbeef casarole?? have we had enough of cornbeef yet?

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  1. My stomach turns everytime I see this post! I searched our website for Tacos, and this shows up. I'm glad you're so creative, Barbara! I can't imagine this soup, but I could actually imagine corned beef tacos - or something like it. Maybe we'll have it again in like September - we could make Corned Beef twice a year instead of just for St. Patrick's Day!