Friday, March 26, 2010

Spaghetti Puttenesca $5.47

This is a pasta entres that is my usual "go to", when I dont know what else to order when dining Italian. It is a basic recipe that is really, really difficult to botch up. History states that it came about and was created out of the need for a simple recipe. In the 1500's in Italy, Ladies of the evening, who were called Putanas, needed to prepare pasta for thier customers after they were done servicing them(sorry, dont know how else to phrase their "job duties") So this combination of diced tomatos, black olives, capers, garlic, onion and olive oil could be whipped together fairly simply and flavorfully. It quickly became the the meal of the putanas, and certainly a more appealing name was pasta puttenesca. The name took and has been around for centuries. I dont know if Ladies of the Evening still have the duty to cook for thier customers, I am guessing not.

4 medium tomatoes diced $1.99
10 ounce can black olives$1.19
2 garlic cloves minced .20
1 medium onion sliced .30
1/2 cup capers .80
1 lb pasta(linguine or spaghetti works best).99

1/4 cup anchiove very finely diced) optional-I just cant do it, but it is traditional and some people dont like puttenesca without)
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 lb pssta(we prefer spaghetti or linguine)

heat oil in pan add onion and garlic saute low until onion glassy
toss in tomato, olives capers
saute 10 minutes, dont over cook so tomatoes fall apart
add salt pepper
boil noodles to instruction(always try to keep al dante)
saute pasta with puttenesca sauce
add cheese if desired or parsley
red pepper(for me, for sure)

the whole meal shouldnt take more then the time for the noodles to boil, and yet it packs a ton of flavor and depth. I am sure Spaghetti Puttenesca has left many, many people dining on the pasta satisfied and happy customers!

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