Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tilapia With Capers and Lemon $5.52

Tilapia is in the family of whitefish, and the reason I like it so much, is it is not fishy at all. It is light and in my opinion always taste fresh, whether it is fresh or frozen. Whatever I bake or grill it with, it takes on that flavor. Tonight I was running late, so I decided to cook the fish in foil, b/c it is quick and easy that way, and the clean up is even easier!

4 filets Tilapia $$1.98
2 tablespoons olive oil.10
2 lemons.40
1/2 cup white wine .30
1/2 cup capers .25
salt and pepper.05

1 tablespoon parsley
4 sweet potatoes $1.25
vegetable $1.19
cut out 4 pieces of aluminum foil in square pieces that are big enough to wrap the tilapia individually in.
salt and pepper each piece of fish and place each on the foil
in a bowl combine the juice of one whole lemon, the olive oil, white wine and capers
mix together well
poor mixture evenly on each of the fish pieces
slice the other lemon thinly, place on the fish pieces evenly
sprinkle on parsley on each piece
close up the foil and place on baking sheet
cook at 350 for 15 minutes or until fish is flakey

I made this and broght it to a friends and she loved it
It was the combo of capers and lemon that really stood out.

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