Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 28 to April 3

We're introducing TWO new concepts to our shopping list... 1st, a new section entitled things we assume you have... the second, is an ATTEMPT to color coordinate the groceries to the day we're having them.  A little easier way of eliminating the ingredients we're requesting if you're not joining us for a day.  Good luck.

We assume you have

Olive Oil $3.99
Salt .49
Garlic Cloves
Flour $1.69
Milk $1.89

Aisle One - A LOT of Spices this week... HOPEFULLY $1.99
Bar-B-Q Sauce (smoky if you like that flavor)1.29
Mayonaise $1.29
Thyme (dried)$1.09
Cayenne Pepper$1.09
Tarragon $3.29
Garlic Salt$1.09
Chili Powder$1.09
Dried Basil$1.09
Seasoning Salt$1.09
White Vinegar$1.19
Brown Sugar
Marsala Wine$1.98
Hot Pepper Sauce.99
Sweet Pickle Relish$1.19
Yellow Mustard$1.19

Fresh Mozzarella$2.49
Reduced Fat Cream Cheese (4 oz).89

Farfalle (bowtie) Pasta or other smallish pasta$1.09
Parmesan Cheese$2.49
2 cans tuna fish.98
Crushed Pineapple.89

Roma Tomatoes$1.89
Fresh Basil$1.99(Dominicks/safeway)
Cole Slaw Mix$1.98
White Potatoes$2.48
Celery (a lot this week!)$1.19
10 oz fresh spinach$1.29
Portabella Mushrooms (sliced ok)$1.89
White Mushrooms (sliced ok)$1.59
Red onion41.49
Asparagus (fresh preferred, frozen can work)$1.99
Lemon Juice (of 1 lemon)$1.59

1 slab of Baby Back Pork Ribs (not prepared, we’re talking RAW meat, gonna make your own!)$9.89(Dominicks/Safeway, onsale)

Frozen Pizza of your choosing$2.99
Orange RoughyA$3.99
Frozen Chicken Tenders....$3.99
Frozen Spinach (or Fresh) .99
Asparagus $1.99 (fresh preferred, frozen can work)

Red wine (for reducing)$2.99
Whole Wheat Bread (egg salad & tuna salad).99
Chicken Broth (re-sealable box is best – we’re only using ½ cup).59
White Wine$2.99

For future reference, we'll no longer be pricing the list of "assumptions" into our $70.  we've usually left you enough "wiggle room" to buy some of them each week, and they're almost ALWAYS on our list!

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