Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beef Stew and Brocolli Side $2.19

OK, confession time, as I was looking back at our blog I discovered we had made and blogged about a beef stew in January. Since I had allready purchased the ingredients and was about to start cooking, I decided to make the stew anyway. One of our driving forces behind this blog was not to have to run to the store at 5 pm to buy ingredients to make dinner, and I have LOVED not having to do the Dominiks Dinner Dash all year long.(Dominicks is our local grocery store that I only frequent in a pinch.) Aldi is the way for me to go, and Im sorry for anyone who doesnt live near or close enough to an Aldi. So to spice up this meal and make the post a bit different Im going to blog my roasted brocolli, which I prepare the same way I roast brussel sprouts, asparagus, and french green beans, and actually I do it often. Sometimes I even make them for a snack!

1 lb bag frozen brocolli $1.19
4 garlic cloves silced thin .30
2 tbsp olive oil .60
salt and pepper .10
total $ 2.19

preheat oven to 450
in a baking dish place thawed out brocolli
coat in olive oil and toss in garlic slices
salt and pepper
bake for 15 minutes

I like my brocolli cooked, but still with a bit of crunch
yum! The whole house will smell devine

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