Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bacon Lettuce Tomato & Avocado Wraps $5.37

We had SUCH a great weekend. My parents, Dave and Marilyn, were the parade marshalls for the Fireman's Festival in the small Wisconsin village that I grew up in. We were very proud of them, my parents both looked great, and are really enjoying their "retirement" from the fire department. Dad was a volunteer fireman for about 47 years, and Mom and Dad were both "First Responders" for almost 20 years. For a long Long LONG time they were charged with the financial aspects of the Festival, and it was so nice to see them just wander around talking to friends and family and having a GREAT day. Thanks too to my Aunt Dawn & Uncle Gordy for making the trip to catch the day with us kids and grandkids. My sisters two kids were with my three - they are ages 9,7,6,5,& 3. Chaos and happiness rang throughout every action!

Then we drove back home... tired, hungry, and ready to eat. This "BLTA wrap" was great - totally hitting the spot along with some farm fresh (from the farm stand up the road) sweet corn.

4 wraps ($1.33) I used the Fit and Active Original wraps, which are HUGE and only 90 or 100 calories.
1 avocado (.79)
8 strips bacon ($1.00)
8 pieces romaine lettuce (.50)
a squirt of Kraft Olive Oil Mayonnaise spread (.25)
1 large tomato (.70)

4 ears corn on the cob (.80)

Total = $5.37

Cook the bacon either in the microwave, on the stove top, or in the panini press. Approx. time is 2 min.
slice tomato and avocado so as to create pieces for four wraps
put the wrap on a plate, put the mayo stuff on the wrap, then the other ingredients. Wrap, cut on a diagonal about half way thru, and serve in two pieces alongside the corn on the cob (boiled for about 15 minutes until the steam smells like "done corn").

MMM - so summer-y, and so GOOD! And, actually quite healthy as well!

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