Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13-19 menu Walgreens

We sat down to write out menu for the week and although I thought it would be a huge challenge not to have any fresh produce, chicken, fresh/frozen fish as options, it actually was a snap.

Here it is, and I am up for the challenge

I am not going to specify days this week, because lately with it being summer and us having tons of travel baseball games and practice, days sometimes get mixed up as far as meals and even lunch is sometimes our main meal.

Salmon Carbonara
Mushroom/Green pea Rice dish
Black Olive Diced Tomato Fritata
Spaghetti White Clam Sauce
Mini Crab cakes with Mandarin and Pinapple Salsa
Turkey, Mozarella, Bacon Panini
Loaded with fruit Oatmeal

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