Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turkey Bacon and Swiss Panini $4.90

Before I even discuss the ingredients for this sandwhich, I want to disucss the cooking utensil used to make the panini, and that would be my panini maker, purchased at, none other then Walgreens. I couldnt even say when I purchased my panini maker, but it is going on atleast two years ago, maybe 3, and it is going strong, having made 100's and 100's of paninis. We have made anything from grilled cheese, to tuna melts to PB&J and anything in between. Something about eating something hot and gooey is so appealing, and the ease of it all is the biggest bonus. Paninis are going to be our lunch today and possibly dinner as well. Between me working, and shuffling Michael and his buddies to Lacross camp at 1:00 and then picking him up from camp nd driving him 20 miles in opposite direction for travel baseball game, dinner wont be until after 8 00. My usual inclination would be to stop at Subway or Potbelly on the way home, but thats not happening anymore.
Panini alla Walgreens:

2 slices of bread per sandwhich(Im starting with 6, because Michaels friends are staying for lunch) .60
6 strips of bacon .75
1 package of deli turkey $2.59
3 slices swiss cheese .96

cook bacon in pan, do not over cook, because they will be too crumbly in the sandwhich
place bacon peices between papertowels to absorb the grease
build sandwhich, placing bacon between the turkey and cheese on the bread
place in panini maker and cook according to how crispy you want your bread

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