Monday, June 14, 2010

Risotto with Mushrooms and Peas $6.86

OK, so this dish really isnt a "Risotto" dish, it is more like an instant rice dish, that I make in the same fashion as Risotto is made. I think Risotto gets its flavor from being a long grain rice and being cooked very slowly, while taking in the flavor of herbs and liquids added. So even though I was using instant rice, I cooked the rice in chickenbroth and different dried ingredients and a spash of white wine, very slowly, while stiring all along. The right amount of garlic powder goes a long, long way to add flavor.

2 cups white rice .65
1 3/4 cup chicken broth $1.99
1/4 cup white wine .30
1 can green peas $1.99
1 can mushrooms $1.79
1 tablespoon garlic powser .10
1 tsp salt .02
1 tsp pepper .02
parm cheese optional

in soup pot on low add rice and chicken broth and wite wine, stiring constantly until rice starts to absorb liquid.
when 3/4 absorbed add garlic powder, salt and pepper, mushrooms and peas, contiue to stir, careful not to smash the the peas
cook until rice is tender and the liquid is gone
remove from heat and add parm cheese

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