Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Paninis! $6.00

Kim and I are dining together tonight!! Yeah for both of us!

Yeah, there were alot of other people here too. Thank Goodness for my big table, and two panini makers - Kim and I made a ton of Paninis ... custom ordered no less.

Here's the amazing results.

This was Kim's panini - it had
10 leaves spinach .10
thinly sliced chicken breast.50
1 slice turkey bacon.10
1 3/4 oz slice swiss cheese.10
2 pieces roasted red pepper.10
this was cost on Kims $1.45, so I will gestimate cost on for sandwhiches $6.00ish and that is guessing high considering my sons idea of Panini is cheese, and a couple slices of tomato and bacon- and he's a happy camper!!


  1. I forgot to give the total for tonight, so I am going to have to wing it, since 8 people dined with us, and everyone had a different kind of panini. Offerings were: ham, chicken breast, swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato, avacado, lettuce, tomato, red peppers, turkey bacon, mayo, mustard. The beauty of paninis are, anything goes! I have made them before with just provolone cheese and gardiniera. yum!!
    Kims panini seemed to have a bunch of stuff on it, so I will breakdown cost of hers
    ciabatta bread .45
    chicken breast .50
    spinach .5
    turkey bacon .10
    swiss cheese .10
    tomato .5
    red pepper .10
    olive oil .10
    grand total
    $ 1.45
    for 4 people $ 5.80, we had a few more people so the cost was higher. Although, I had a niece who only wanted lettuce and bacon, and a nephew who wanted only bacon and turkey. At anyrate the sandwhiches looked like fine deli quality, and Kim got a glimpse of my crazy world at dinnertime:)

  2. seriously, Panara does these types of sandwiches for $5.80 or more ... wait, that's for one sandwich like I had. Also, for clarification, the spinach costs $.05, and the same with the tomato, ($.05), so that's how B. rightfully got to $1.45 for my sandwich.
    thanks for having me over! We will do it again sometime, I hope.

  3. I just bought a panini maker last week from Aldi and I love it! I use it to grill my chicken for the panini, and I love to grill a yellow or red pepper on it too. Then I assemble the whole thing and cook it in my panini maker-- delicious! I love all the recipe ideas I am getting from Kim and Barbara-- thanks ladies!