Saturday, January 23, 2010

Price review on Mustard Salmon

FOLK... I just totalled the amount of money I spent on our stay at home entertaining meal.  I had planned to serve this to a friend, and would have had she not taken ill the night before.

I totalled this up for us, planning to make enough for four I spent $8.45.  In a restaurant I would have ordered this meal - and I would have spent $18.45, and that would have left Joe and the other three people sitting around watching me eat - because we'd have already spent too much!  If they all ordered as well... you know our bill is well over $100.  I didn't spend that on GROCERIES for A WEEK my friends!

It's fun to eat out on occasion, and it's fun to eat something other than what my husband is eating, because we've always like to "share plates", but until I can save $30 or more of my weekly allocated "food" dollars for two weeks, we're going with this eating at home plan!  We're growing closer as a result of it!

Love - your Fit, Fast, and Frugal Foodie friend Kim

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