Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuesday's Ham and cheese fritata $1.75

No School Monday, so I decided to make the kids the fritata for lunch instead of dinner, since they were all starving by 11am and didn't want sandwhiches. I like fritatas b/c they are usually baked not fried, and so much easier to prepare. Also, they can be made with many different ingredients, depending on everyones taste. Today, I decided on ham and cheese, since I had left over sliced ham from school lunches. I threw in some spinach for some vegetable nutrition and this meal was packed with calcium, protein, vitamin A and K, folic acid, so basically all good!

Recipe: preheat oven 350
8 eggs .65
4 slices of swiss cheese cut in small pieces .40
6 slices deli ham cut in small pieces .50
16 spinach leaves .20
s and p
Total $ 1.75

In a baking dish crack eggs and beat until smooth consistency
add ham, cheese spinach snd s and p.
bake 15-20 minutes

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  1. BTW, some little person couldnt wait to dig in to the fritata before I could grab my camera and snap a picture.