Saturday, January 23, 2010

Menu for January 24 to January 30

Menu for January 24-January 30

Let's start the week with a Happy Birthday Jacob callout on Sunday!

Sunday - BBQ Chicken Pizza (and birthday cake!)
Monday - Chicken Dumpling Soup & crusty bread
Tuesday - Chipotle Beef Salad
Wednesday - Ginger Lime Swordfish, Sweet Potatoes & Vegetable Normandy
Thursday - Buffalo Chicken Salad
Friday - (Welcome Rachel Ray) - Artichoke & Walnut Pesto Pasta
Saturday - Quesadillas - with leftover meat/cheese/veggies

If you cook the chicken for Monday's soup on Sunday you'll have the chicken for Sunday's BBQ pizza!  And, depending on how big your chicken is, and how many people you're really feeding, you might even have enough meat left to use as the chicken in the Buffalo Chicken Salad (I'll add it to the list just in case).  And, the Chipotle Beef from Tuesday will be great in the quesadillas on Saturday!  Well Planned Cooking my friends!  YES

Depending on how long you've been shopping with us, you might have alot of this stuff already in the frig or pantry... be sure to check your stock before buying the whole list.

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