Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Develed Eggs $1.50

We have talked about the incredible egg and all its nutrients, but we didnt discuss how versitile this little white gem is. Probably out of all our "convenient" store items, it is the most versitile. Eggs can be used so many different ways-scrammbled, fried, boiled,poached, over easy, in an omlette, fritata, quiche etc.... It is also used as an ingredient over and over again. Develed Eggs is another tasty and fun way to make eggss I "served" many of them while working at a Country Club in Highschool. They were a mainstay on the appetizer menu, and were one of the most popular items. I remember the chef putting the "filling" which consisted mainly of the yolks in a big pastry bag, and filling up each boiled egg white. He treated each egg like a work of art, and yellow yolk looked like gold velvet. So mine(hance, the picture) really didnt look like his, but I think they sure tasted good.

7 eggs .70
1/2 cup mayonaise .30
1 tsp prepared mustard.10
2 tsp pickled relish(optional).20
salt and pepper to taste .10
paprika for the tops of eggs.10

boil eggs, let cook and peal
slice eggs in half lengthwise
scoop out yolks and combine in bowl with mayo, mustard etc....
mix well until smooth
scoop into eggwhites
sprinkle on paprikaa

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