Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Bacon is a great addition to many meals, used in moderation, it packs a very potent flavorful punch, and adds great taste and texture to many meals. It certainly isnt just for breakfast anymore, and now it has been moved into the sweet arena, lending to the "salt" and "savory" contrast with its counterpart- sweet. Bacon bits have been added to chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cakes, we have taken upon ourselves to dip it in semisweet chocolate and the results were unanymously thumbs up.

Bacon with its high content of fat, should be eaten in moderation, and shouldnt necessarily accompany a whole egg dish with toast and butter. A great alternative would be a boiled egg, or even an eggwhite omelette, with dry wholewheat toast or with a little jam.

Bacon is however an excellent source of protein, and protein is necessary f0r proper growth and mantainance of most body tissue.

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