Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Rib Eye Steak, Veg of choice, and Garlic Bread $12.55

tis time for steak again! We haven't had steak in weeks, maybe months. Of course we're dealing with that whole where to buy it thing again - but remember, we can't keep every meal below $10...if you have to spend $20 on steaks for the four people, it's really not the end of the world for a great piece of meat. Besides, if you ate our menu so far this week, you've spent about $15 total on the pizzas, farfalle-beans & spinach, and last night's salad!

Rib Eye Steak
keep it simple -
4 5-7 ounce steaks Rib Eye, Delmonico, Filet Mignon, any piece of meat that meats your eye. $8.00 per lb, $12.00
Steak Seasoning of choice - we like Mrs. Dash Salt Free Grilling Blend for Steak .15
2 ounces blue cheese .30
splash of balsamic optional .10

Steaks cook best when thoroughly thawed and even brought to room temperature for 1/2 hour before being grilled or broiled. We'll be broiling unless the weather improves. The time under the broiler depends, of course, on your taste and the thickness of the steak. Assuming your steak is about 1 inch thick, it will take about 4 to 7 minutes per side - medium rare to well. I don't recommend anyone eat their steaks Rare anymore unless you personally know the beef grower and more importantly the beef butcher/butchering facility. When the steak has about 1 minute left, pull it out of the broiler top each steak with 1/2 ounce blue cheese, and return to broiler for about 1 minute.

LET YOUR STEAKS SIT, under an inverted bowl, for a minimum of 1 minute up to 5 minutes before you rip into it (you know, the servers in the restaurant let your plates sit under a warming light for anywhere from 30 seconds about to 3 minutes before they even start to deliver it to your table...sometimes more... this wait time has ALOT to do with how juicy and yummy your steak is in a restaurant - you have to let it sit so the juices distribute!)

Veg of choice...
We're having some fantastic looking asparagus that my Mother-in-law picked and brought to our house for First Communion last week... it just didn't fit in the menu, unfortunately for her - yeah for me, more fresh asparagus to eat this week!

Garlic Bread ...
you can buy this fresh or frozen, you can use fresh bread and melt butter and garlic together, or you can get some other type of breadstick or fresh loaf... it's your choice, but we're recommending bread as tonight's carb. We don't do it very often, but we don't dine on steak very often either... and a big baked potato is just too much for these fit, fast, and fabulous foodies!

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