Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Potato Chips $1.55

I set out tonight to make sweet potato fries for Joe and myself... Kids aren't so fond of them - they got green beans and pretzels. Then I realized I needed to have dinner on the table in 20 minutes - scratch that, no time for those delicious dices of potatoes to appropriately cook (I could have microwaved the pieces (on baked potato setting), then broiled them as normal, but even that seemed to take too long).

AH HA! Time to once again crave the only kitchen tool I really don't have... the mandolin - NO, NOT the stringed instrument - goodness knows I have enough noise around the house! NOT another "instrument" instead I've longed for a GOOD mandolin - an adjustable slicing "tool". This is what you really need to make homemade chips. It's not really a "typical" kitchen tool, but i really want one... well, not "one", but a "good one!". I want a good, sharp, washable, sturdy mandolin, and I can't afford one right now, and thus I don't have one, and I probably won't have one anytime soon.

So, I peeled my sweet potato (about 2 inches in diameter and 7 inches long - that's enough for two people), then tried my darnedest to slice it into as thin but uniform thickness slices as I could achieve, tossed those thin slices with 2 tsp of olive oil and a couple grinds of sea salt and threw them in the oven (on the DARK cooking sheet) for about 20 minutes, stirring every five minutes. Crunchy, NO, done, yes. Yummy, YES, I thought so. As they sit around waiting for Joe to get back home they are actually getting crunchier.

Give 'em a try, and tell me how you did. I'm looking forward to trying again and again until I perfect the crunch

what you need-

4 medium size sweet potatoes $1.25

tablespoon olive oil, or canola oil .20

salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika(or spice you may like to try, so many different flavors work with sweet potatoes) .10

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