Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boca Burgers $5.38

Boca Burgers - not really a veggie burger, these are soy protein patties that are actually quite tasty.

OK, so Barbara and I have put together a very balanced dinner menu for you when you access each week on a whole. If you are intelligent about your portion size ... and don't eat twice your normal portion, you've likely had good luck with most of the foods we offer up. Barbara and I are both very consciencous of what we put in our bodies ... we do eat entirely differently - Barbara eats no poultry, beef or pork meat - I eat as much protein from poultry as my palate can handle! I eat as much fish and seafood as the menu dictates (or less), and Barbara supplements the chicken with additional fish from time to time... regardless, on our dinner blog we're both super aware of the nutrional value of what we throw into the menu mix. We're not crazy about organics, and we totally love frozen foods ... of course we LOVE farm fresh or "local" produce, and will recommend you get to the farmers market or farm evey week this summer ... but dinner is only one meal of the day. What are you putting in your body the other three or four meals of the day. You better tell me you're eating them. Not eating meals is the surest way to sabotage any successes you've had with weight loss!

This "burger" is a start to eating healthier throughout the day. This is such an easy burger to throw on the grill or on the panini press or George Foreman and then enjoy re-heated the next day for lunch at the office. Here's what we did...

Boca Burgers - grilled per package - about 8 minutes total.
Thomas's "Everything" Bagel Thins (110 calories, 24 grams carbs, 5 grams fiber, 6 grams protein... really yummy taste!)
Thin spread of yellow mustard (or red pepper hummus).

make into a burger, eat...

4 boca burgers $3.49
4 buns .89
tomato .40
lettuce .10
condiment of choice .40

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