Sunday, May 16, 2010

Turkey and Cheese Panini $9.67

Here is the Walgreen Sunday Night Special, made even more special by using my Walgreen Panini maker. I love this Panini maker, it has served me well for years. I cant even imagine how many tummies I have fed with this $10 contraption. We even went through a stage where we were making Pb&J's with it, and every once in a while we will make a nutella panini. Its Sunday night, so dinner will be very simple. Im Italian,and in my house we still eat a big Sunday pasta lunch.
The beauty of panini is anything goes. Tonight we will be having turkey and cheese paninis. I didnt really get any deals on anything at Walgreens because I chose this Walgreens menu on a whim and wanted to show how easy it is to use panini maker, no matter where one shops. So I decided on sandwhiches without anything really being on sale that I needed. Now if this was Joe, Kims husband, he would have very wisely said, "make omelettes tonight eggs on sale for $1.29 for a dz, and canned ham on sale for $1.99". I would have thrown in a bit of swiss and the whole meal would have cost roughly $4.00 to serve up 4 nice omlettes loaded with protein and calcium. However, thats ok, b/c when I went into Walgreens to get the panini fixins, I bought the ham and eggs, and I will definitely have left over cheese from tonight, so omlettes will be had this week.
Here we go on the recipe and pricing for 4 very generously large turkey/swiss cheese paninis.

12 ounce comtainer deli turkey $3.99
10 ounces swiss cheese $3.29
1 loaf of wholewheet bread $2.29
spray of olive oil on bread .10
Total $9.67
on bread, pile on turkey generously, top with slice of cheese, and bread, spray sandwhich with olive oil, and toast until cheese is melted

Is this sandwhich more costly then I would pay at Aldi or Costco? absolutely, however sometimes- time, gas or transportation have to be considered. This sandwhich came out to about $2.40 each, if someone was going to Subway or PotBelly, they would be paying $1.00-2.00 more per sandwhich, and for 4 people about $7.00 more. Not to mention there will be about 20 peices of bread left and 6 ounces of cheese. The bottom line is, there really is no excuse about eating healthy or not healthy, sometimes the "best" prices on grocery items are impossible to attain due to time or travel, but it is just as easy or easier to get to a convenience store such as Walgreens as it is probably to get to McDonalds and it is more then likely much cheaper.

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