Monday, May 17, 2010

YOU PAID WHAT for that meat?

Ah, yes ... you know by now how much I love to gripe about meat prices ... get this one.
Tonights chicken was a turkey breast... we bought it at Christmas, it's been in the freezer since.  the deal at Christmas (or was it Thanksgiving?) was to buy a ham, get a turkey free - plus there was a $9 coupon on the ham... so, we bought the tiniest ham we could find, the biggest turkey we could find, and in the end spent like $9 for a ham for five people AND a turkey breast for at least 10 - 12 people (it was a $19 turkey breast that I prepared today).

Since I have a $0 meat cost and a $.99 marinade, which I used 3/4 of, I'm up to $.75 for the turkey we ate tonight plus a good 4-6 add'l servings in the frig which I'll use later in the week.  I also used four baking potatoes - a 10 pound bag was $1.49 today at the Aldi, so let's say $.25 for potatoes, and $1.19 for broccoli ...

Turkey, roasted potatoes, and broccoli (the first two of which the kids LOVED!) = DINNER FOR $2.19!  TOP THAT BABY!

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  1. OK, Kim, thrifty queen, when are we going to Mexico with all the money we have saved on food this year?