Tuesday, April 6, 2010

shopping trip

What a downer day at the stores...
So I went to Aldi with my "severly pared down" list because I'm a stock piler and I just got a whole trunkload of goodies from my MIL.  I needed like 6 things - I splurged and bought new salt and some more olive oil, even though I didn't need it ... stock piling again I think.  My bill for the groceries i needed to finish out the meals for this week was ... $15.52 (including the $3.99 olive oil and the $1.39 salt grinder). 

BUT, I didn't get the flank steak.  I'm not a good meat buyer, I usually leave that to my husband, who actually enjoys not only shopping in general, but also buying beef.  Aldi didn't have anything called flank steak, and I didn't think I could subsitute a "roast" for a steak, so I passed.  I swung, confidently, into my worst grocery shopping nightmare - the Super Walmart ... I know, I can't generalize ... the prices are generally great, but seriously, the Super Walmart by me is a nightmare - checkers who don't give a rats butt whether they charge you for a red pepper or a red apple or a red onion or a banana - checkers who give me 13 bags for my 12 items - checkers who stare at me (in that frightening way that makes me glad I can't read their mind ... it might get them fired) - checkers that are too busy talking to the person in line behind me to worry about whether I gave them a $10 or a $100... seriously, it's a nightmare and don't even think about going to the "Customer Service" department.  Generally, though, the prices are not too bad, and so long as I'm not in a hurry (ha ha ha), I can have a ok shop, so long as I'm not in it for the "experience"....  anyway, they didn't have flank steak either - they did have a skirt steak, but it was $4.88 per pound .... no typo there, it was freakin' $4.88 per pound for what is suppose to be "cheap steak".  are you freakin' kiddin' me? 

Now, I'm stuck sending Joe to the Jewel tomorrow to buy some Flank Steak... hopefully he can find something there. 

This is a really weird problem - I can't find inexpensive cheap steak anywhere.  (and that's not a typo, I meant not good steak that didn't cost a lot).  Flank Steak should certainly be about $2.50 to $3.50 per pound.  Hopefully on the low side of that number!

Bring on the burger season!

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  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME... we gotta cook with less beef. CRAZY NUTZO wrong... I paid $4.99 per pound for some thick cut sirloin steak - it was CHEAPER than the Flank Steak ... I only bought it at Jewel because I was there and I was sick of driving around for beef. I did get the Stockman & Dakota brand... I guess it's not horrible, my 1.34 lb steak cost $6.69. I'm just used to getting 3 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken for less than that. I know I'll enjoy the flavor tonight!