Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 6 under $70.00 again!!!

I wasnt entirely sure of cost on Saturdays baked potato meal, so I thought safe to say around $7.00.

With that said, 7 good, and healthy meals cost my family $ 46.80. Not bad considering we had chicken a few times, pork tenderloin, roastbeef, lots of veggies, just enough pasta.....looking forward to savings this week.

Meal review:

Sunday- Spicy Buffalo chicken Sandwhich $ 5.84
Monday- Canneloni beans, spinach and pasta $ 4.42
Tuesday- Herb crusted salmon, sweet potato fries and vegetables $ 8.88
Wednesday-Italian Beef Sandwhich and salad $ 8.31
Thursday- Sweet Spicy Pork Tenderloin potatoes and vegetables $ 7.20
Friday- Pasta olive oil and garlic with diced tomatos and basil and Bruscetta $5.20
Saturday-Anything goes baked potato $ 7.00

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