Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Panini $2,03

OK the long, long days of February, are coming to a close, but not soon enough for this sun loving gal. My sons 5th grade teacher told me, even kids in school in the midwest get bummed out in this dreary weather, and February is notorious for being the most unproductive in terms of their schoolwork. So consequently the highlight of our day today was lunch. Paninis excite everyone b/c they get to operate the panini maker, and choose their sandwhich, within reason of course. I dont want to run to the store, so they must work with what I have in my house. Today, everyone went for michaels request- scrammbled eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese all baked on a tortilla. kind odd a bit messy, but non the less it all got eaten.

Here goes-
3 eggs, 3 egg whites .48
6 strips of turkey bacon .45
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese .60
1/4 cup milk .10
4 tortillas .40
total $ 2.03

crack all 6 eggs in a bowl, removing 3 yolks. wisk with milk until smooth
add salt and pepper
heat skillet on medium
pour in eggs, and scramble until light and flufy
remove from pan
place bacon in same pan, cook until crisp
heat up panini maker
evenly devide egg on each
top with 1/2 pieces of bacon, sprinkle with cheese
fold in half
place on panini maker for 1 minute

remove and eat it up!!

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