Monday, October 25, 2010

Grands Rolls Pizzas

My coupon shopping machine husband bought a bunch of Pillsbury Grands rolls for next to nothin a few weeks ago.  This week I used them to form a pizza crust in a deep dish.  The kids, who like almost all cooking kids, love the sound of that poppin' can, thought this dish was fun because they got to pop the can, smash dough, decorate their own pizzas.  Hmmm... all good things in a kids mind.

Here's what we used:

4 Pillsbury Grands rolls (8 regular size biscuits, which are loads cheaper if you're paying full price)
pizza sauce
sausage or pepperoni
red peppers

anything else you desire in your pizza.

spray the sides and bottom of what ever bowl or pan you are going to make your pizza in.  I have a few five or six inch round corningware crock type bowls that we used - they were PERFECT!  with the pads of your fingers smash the dough to the edges of the bowls - try not to poke holes in the dough (the tricky part!).  Once the dough touches the edges, put about 1 tbsp of sauce on your dough, 2 tbsp cheese, your toppings of choice, another 2 tbsp cheese, then bake for about 12 minutes until the pizza is done.
Cool 3-5 minutes, remove from bowls or from pan, then EAT!

If you didn't get your Pillsbury Grands for free from coupons/sales/and Catalina rebates, then use the cheaper biscuits that are 1/2 the size - and use two.  Smashing them together will be even more fun for the youngsters in your family!

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