Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week of July 4-10

So this is an insane week for me as far as dinners go, atleast 4 nights this week we are at baseball until 8 30 at night. I am not a big fan of eating after 9 at night, but Michael is starving after games so its been a bit tricky the month of June to stick to the blog and have him fed as well. What I have done a lot is make the blog meal for lunch, infact lastweek Michael like the ham and cheese omlette so much, he ate it once for lunch and twice for breakfast. Im going to do another Walgreens week again the because I really do need simple this week, and the sales are great this week, and really for Michael in terms of what he likes and nutrients, Walgreens has everything I need. Anyway, Kim is out of town this week with her brood visiting Joes family in Michigan, and as she knows I rely on her grocery list(Im just not that organized) so shopping Walgreens just simplifies my life.
I am blessed enough to live in an area where I do have choices, ,there are lots of stores within a 1 mile radius. I can walk or drive, and just by having a car, I know I am very lucky. There are 23 million people that Michele Obama has coined as living in "Food Deserts". and what that is, is areas of this country that dont have access to a grccery store, because the closest one is miles and miles away, and they ususally dont have a car as well. Michele Obama is trying to wipe out this astounding number, by building more grocery stores and starting more farmers markets. Her ambitions are great and it so great to have someone in the White House that puts such a premium on the feed we put in our mouths, however, it is a huge task, and will takes years to be a reality. The existence of convenient stores is abundant and shouldnt be discounted in terms of healthy eating. They usually offer enough of a selection to give people/families many of the nutrients they need. Here is my oh so convenient menu for the week:

Salmon Salad
Baked Beans
Tortilla Soup
Scrammbled Egg Sandwhich
Tuna Melt
Pasta with Walnut Pesto
Granola and fruit smooties

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