Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuscan Whitebean Soup $4.96

Im not a big soup fan at all, especially tomato based soups, but whitebean soup is something that is difficult for me to pass up, especially when the soup derives a lot flavor from rosemary(yum, rosemary and whitebeans!) I live in the Chicagoland where April is notorious for not really being "springlike", so the idea of soup doesnt sound crazy, however today is forcasted to reach almost 80 degrees, but I have had this soup on my mind, and the beans are allready soaked from lastnight, so I am going for it today.
The recipe is pretty basic, I am going to make it vegan, but it doesnt need to be. A chickenbroth would work as well as a vegetable broth, and added bacon would give wonderful flavor, but I have a friend who is a vegetarian who is ill, and I am bringing her the bulk of the soup. BTW, the recipe will yield a large pot of soup, therefore cut it in half if 10-12 servings is overwhelming. However, leftovers are always nice too!

2 tablespoons olive oil.20
1/2 onion diced.20
5 stalks celery diced.40
3 garlic cloves minced.20
3 carrots diced.30
5 cups vegetable broth$1.48
1 lb whitebeans$1.98
2 tablespoons rosemary.20
salt and pepper

Soak beans over night, or quick boil- boil water in large pot, add beans for 5 minutes, remove from heat and soak for an hour
in large heavy soup pot heat oil on low and add onions, saute until glassy(about 5 minutes)
add garlic, carrots, onion, celery and saute 10 more minutes
add chicken broth, 3/4 beans, rosemary bring to a boil, lower heat to simmer for an hour, hour and a half.
add salt and pepper to taste
remove from heat
place entire contents of soup pot in food processor or blender, and pulse until creamy
pour back in pot and add remaining beans, heat and serve
top with rosemary sprig and or parm cheese(both optional)
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