Monday, April 12, 2010


Last week I wrote of the shopping nightmare about buying beef - today let me share the pleasures of buying pork.

Friday we are having seasoned pork loin with the extra salsa (which we are doctoring up to make into a salad) - I planned to buy a plain pork tenderloin (the tiny thin one) and rub some freshly ground pepper and maybe some extra cayenne pepper or some cumin.... anyway, deep warm peppery rub.  Well, today in the Jewel flyer there are roast or garlic onion flavored pork loin chunks for $4.99 for 24 ounces - that's 3.33 per pound.  I thought I'd be having that for sure, but then it's Aldi Aldi Aldi to the rescue once again!  Their pork loins, which just so happened to be peppercorn seasoned, were $2.99 per pound!  YES!  WOW!  THANK YOU! 

So, in my price planning for you, I said something like $57.50 - but that was for a $7 pork tenderloin - we're eating a big pork tenderloin for our $4.42, and you could "technically" serve four people four ounces of pork and buy just a $3.00 tenderloin!  That's a nice overage.

Now, I was a bit off on the peppers - they've gone up again, they're up to $3.59 for 3 peppers at my Aldi - Barbara, what are they at yours?  STILL, Jewel has multicolored peppers "on sale this week" for $1.50 EACH... simple math folks - three peppers is gonna be $4.50  -  still a dollar saved versus the "regular" store!

As you've come to expect, I have a stock pile and left overs from previous weeks - and I didn't need everything on the list!  My Aldi bill was ... $20.04.  I did have to leave the cilantro, jalapeno, and bacon to Joe as Adli doesn't have the first two, and Jewel has a 4 for $10 sale on the Jewel brand bacon, but then there is a Your Bucks Catalina (which you have to sign up for) for a dollar or two back on 2 packages of bacon - we think the bacon will come down to $2 per pound for what is generally acceptable bacon.  I also need Joe to get the frozen broccoli because Jewel has it for $1.29 or $1.00 (not sure which yet) while Aldi's broccoli florettes are up to $1.19 for a 12 ounce package. 

all in all, we're probably talking about spending $25 on food for dinner this week.


  1. You've convinced me! I'm going to Aldi tomorrow! You girls have got it down to a's so refreshing to find people concerned about nutrition on a budget...thank you!

  2. Awesome Kiki! Can't wait to hear about your first trip - please do let us know your results! Once you know the store as we do, you'll find that shopping literally takes 20 minutes. It takes that long to walk to the milk section in some supermarkets! :-)