Saturday, April 3, 2010

ready set go ... It's APRIL 4-10 Menu $29.41

Welcome, officially, to the second quarter of the year - we're more than 13 weeks into it!  And, still lovin' it!  I will admit having a wonderful blog partner is most helpful... our dinner ideas both compliment our taste buds  and challenge one another to try new things.

Sunday:  Easter Sunday - we're doing Apple Egg Bake
Monday:  Hearty Mac & Cheese w/ a salad
Tuesday:  Beer Soaked Beef on a Romaine Salad
Wednesday:  Tilapia Veggie Packet
Thursday:  Crustless Spinach Onion & Feta Cheese
Friday:  Chicken Vesuvio (cheater method)
Saturday:  Heavenly Crab Cakes

I'll try color coordinating things in a bit - and the shopping list too

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  1. I am going to attempt Chicken Vesuvio. It is a long standing family favorite and usually made with a whole chicken instead of breasts, but I am going to make it with chicken breasts. Main ingredients are garlic and white wine and the chicken is slow baked. We shall see....