Monday, March 29, 2010

Orange Roughy in a Red Roasted Pepper Sauce $9.28(pricey, but awesome!)

Theres a Tapas Restaurant by my house where I once had an Orange Roughy Appetizer with a Red Roasted Pepper Sauce, that I could not forget. I thought the idea of a red pepper sauce was interesting, but I had no idea it would be so delicious, infact I was sure it had butter in it or cream because it was so rich tasting. I couldnt believe it would be a very light sauce. Well, I am fairly certain there was no butter or cream because when I made it, I made it with the intention of adding butter if it didnt taste like the sauce I had tried a while back, but it tasted even better then I remembered. I looked up a bunch or recipes on the internet, and then kinda of created one on my own based on a combination of recipes I had found. Im thinking it is a keeper.

Recipe of Red Roasted Pepper sauce

2 medium size red peppers $1.60*
2 tablespoons olive oil .20
1 garlic clove .10
4 basil leaves .10

bake peppers for 40-50 minutes at 350, when done place in plastic bag and close bag
keep in bag 10 minutes then take out and peppers should unpeal very easily
blend peppers, olive oil, basil, garlc in blender until smooth and creamy
add salt, and set aside

4 pieces Orange Roughy $3.99
10 ounces spinach $1.99
1 cup button mushrooms .80
1 small onion sliced .20
3 tablespoons olive oil.30
salt and pepper
Total: $9.28
heat 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, add spinach, cook on low until spinach just wilted, add salt and pepper, and remove from skillet
heat oven to 350
salt and pepper fish and place on baking dish, cook for 10-12 minutes or until flakey
add remaining olive oil to skillet, add onions and mushrooms, cook on low until onions glassy and mushrooms soft, add red pepper sauce and heat alltogether 10 minutes
evenly devide spinach on 4 plates
place a piece of fish on each
top evenly with red pepper sauce
serve. Yum!
Im thinking this sauce would be great over pasta,any kind of white fish, chicken, maybe crabcakes......

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