Friday, March 12, 2010

Lenten Standby - Tuna Melts $2.51

At least once during each lenten season we all lose sight of the slowing down and reflecting that is suppose to happen during these 40 days, and over commit.  Today/tonight is one of those nights for us, and I know the start of a tremedously busy weekend for both the Heron and D'Egidio families.  That said ... let's get these 8 minute Tuna melts to the table.

Tuna Melts
2 cans Tuna in Water .98
1/4 cup finely chopped onion (to taste).10
1/4 cup finely chopped celery (to taste).10
Enough Mayonnaise with Olive Oil, Reduced Fat Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip Lite to make whatever consistency of goop you desire.59

4 slices of Colby, Cheddar, or American cheese.25
4 big hamburger buns - or 8 "regular size" hamburger buns.49

Drain the tuna well, then add the onion and celery, stir, then slowly add the "mayo" product to get the consistency that holds the tuna and veggies together to your liking.  For some this may be a 1/4 cup, for others, nearly a cup.

Divide the tuna equally amongst the bottoms of (4 or 8) buns - top with a slice of cheese (or a half), replace top and set entire bunch on a sheet of aluminum foil - wrap the aluminum foil tightly around the sandwiches and bake at about 400 (or whatever temp you've got going for the other things in the oven) for about 5-7 minutes

Remove from oven, cool slightly, and serve with carrot and celery sticks or brocolli/cauliflower or even a salad! 

Relax - dinners on the table.

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