Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feb 28-March 6 Grand Total $42.43

Cool Beans, under $50.00 for 7 great meals, that included steak, shrimp, chicken, and pasta....its really easy to do this, and even more importantly, very rewarding.

Here is the breakdown:

Ravioli with mystery pasta sauce $4.23
Thai salad with Shrimp $12.19
Oriental Stirfry $5.09
Cream of Brocolli soup $1.94
Steak with Balsamic vinegar and carmelized onion $10.88
Pasta with Tuna $3.04
Frenchtoast $5.06

Total $ 42.43


  1. OH MY GOSH... I seriously can't believe how expensive my Thai Salad with Shrimp was. SERIOUSLY... I went back and redid your math about six times because I was SO shocked. OK, it's an amazing salad, and really, since it is a FOUR person salad, I'm OK with spending 3.05 on myself on a really yummy salad, but still, compared to what we spend on so many other meals it's just super super shocking to learn that a "salad", which I normally think of as a simple cheap dinner solution, is the MOST EXPENSIVE MEAL OF THE WEEK. WOW. Good thing my whole family loves veggies!

  2. Kim, I too, had to go back and do the math. What made the salad so "expensive" was the red peppers. Other than growing peppers in my garden, ive never found red peppers inexpensive. They are so good and loaded with so much vitamin C. Hey Kim, this salad in a resturaunt would absolutely be in the $12-$17 range.