Monday, February 8, 2010

Wednesday's Italian Beef $8.31

Oh the look of delight on Ellie's face when we break out this meal will be priceless.  She's crazy about this, and we have it on her busy nights.  Lately her busy nights are coming closer and closer together!

Italian Beef Sandwiches ($8.31)

1 package Cattlemen's Ranch Italian Style Seasoned Broth and THinly Sliced Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef - Frozen 2 lb size. ($5.69)
1 package Loven Fresh Hoagie Rolls ($1.69)
1/4-1/2 cup mozarella cheese (optional) ($.25)

1 package garden salad mix ($.99)
(ranch) dressing to taste ($.25)

thaw (either in the refrigerator for as long as it takes or in the microwave for up to ten minutes) the meat enough to get it out of the plastic package.
heat, but DO NOT BOIL the sauce and meat to slightly more than desired temperature.
toast opened rolls in toaster over or under broiler - maybe 3 minutes
place 3-4 slices of meat on each bun, top with mozarella cheese (optional) and replace other portion of bun.  cut into manageable pieces (halves), and serve with a small dish of the sauce if desired!

Not exactly our cheapest meals ... in fact, kind of the opposite - proof that you pay for convenience foods.  AND YET ... if you'd gotten this from a restaurant four "french dip" or "Italian Beef" sandwiches, and four salads ... good luck with that for under $8.50.  AND, you still enjoyed dinner as a family around your table.

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  1. We recently tried these Italian beef sandwiches from Aldi and they were delicious! I bought a jar of Mild Giardiniera peppers to add to the sandwiches-- they add a nice kick of flavor.