Sunday, February 7, 2010

Groceries for week of Feb 7-$ 65.31

Without even really trying, and definitely coming up with what we feel are good, healthy and relatively easy meals, Kim and I are keeping the Dinner grocery bills under $70.00 consistently. Obviously, I am not clearing out and throwing away spices and condiments at the end of every week, or any other leftover food ie chicken breasts vegetables, so my grocery bill has been consistently between $30-$45 dollars. I believe Kim has gone as low as $20.00 something. This week, I didnt need any spices* except for Paprika, so I saved there. Also, I was good with parm cheese, carrots, celery, sweet potatos, baking potatos, chicen, bread crumbs,chicken breasts, so I came in around $42.00 this week, which sounds great for a week of nutrient packed dinners. Eating healthy and good food doesnt have to break the bank, or even take hours and hours of time, it just takes organization, that is the key.
Allright- happy Superbowl watching. We be having Hot Wings!!

I can not stress enough how ridiculously expenseive spices can be at regular grocery stores. I dont and will never understand the amazing difference in cost at discount stores like Aldi, Walmart, even indepedent grocery stores, vs the major chains. We are talking the difference between $3.50-$5.00. to $1.09 a jar. 5 jars of assorted spice at Aldi cost me $5.45. 5 spices at the "competeing" grocery store could cost upward from $17.50 to $25.00!!!??? Thats just crazy. Same quality, not to mention the sizes at Aldi are usually double that of competing brands.

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