Saturday, September 25, 2010

wow...long week last week

OK, so I've been a bit distracted since my kids went back to school.  lots going on, Barbara and I are really working away on a mostly secret project.  It's sucking up a lot of our time...but...I made a pretty silly mistake for you last week on the menu - and in the shopping, which was still pretty darn pain free.  Anyone notice it and not comment?  Uhm, apparently there were eight days last week... we planned eight dinners.  SO...we're just gonna move one of them into this week.  It'll be my secret family recipe for meat sauce - on ravioli.  WHY that one? mmm, cuz we had two pasta dishes at the end of this last week, and you know how i feel about that~

this week.

Sunday - Meat Sauce on Ravioli
Monday - lime and tortilla encrusted whitefish
Tuesday - ginger beef with stir fry veggies & rice
Wednesday - green pepper stuffed with chicken and white beans
Thursday - green pea pesto on pasta
Friday -  cowboy caviar (on chicken or chips - your choice!)
Saturday - Portabello Pizza

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