Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spaghetti Taco alla I Carly .95

Strange I know, and invented by the preteen/teen/and sometime parent show-I Carly. I had extra pasta and sauce, and needed something quick and easy and thought why not try something made famous by Miranda Cosgrove and clan on I Carly. I had a little left over pasta and this meal didnt require tons of pasta, just enough to fit into 4 Tacos. I definitely wasnt expecting a lot, especially because this meal packs a lot of carbs and didnt require much in terms of ingredients or prep. However, upon taking first bite, the combo of the crunch from the tortilla and the softness of the pasta and the sauce, was very enjoyable. It was like combining two worlds, Mexico and Italy!! Some recipes call for cheese, or atleast have cheese as optional, either shredded or parm cheese, but that didnt appeal to me. So our Spaghetti Tacos were very plain.
4 taco shells .40
1/4 lb pasta .25
1/2 cup prepared tomato sauce .30

I think left over pasta works best, but cooking up some pasta works as well.
Boil noodles according to instruction
drain and top with sauce
fill taco shell
our recipe was so simple that I had my friends daughter do the filling

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