Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cream of Mushroom Soup $4.51

Mushrooms provide a treasure chest full of important nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin B and D, Potassium, and lots of antioxidents. I grew up eating cambells cream of mushroom soup, and upon looking at the label now, there is a ton of ingredients that really dont appeal to me including flour and msg, so I kinda thought I like the idea of homemade mushroom soup because I can control any potentially unappealing ingredients, and just make a light healthy soup.
I chose to use 2% milk and not cream and olive oil in place of butter. When I can, I like to use olive oil in place of any shortenin, the omega 3's are just so good for the body!!
1 lb button mushrooms $1.98
1 can chicken broth .99
1/2 cup milk(skim, or 2%) .20
1 tablespoon olive oil .10
1 small onion diced .30
1 tablespoon dried parsley or fresh parsley .10
2 garlic cloves minced .20
1 tsp salt .02
1 tsp pepper .02
1/4 cup sourcream .60
heat oil in skillet, add onion, saute on medium until glassy
lower heat and add minced garlic saute 10 minutes
add 1/2 tablespoon parsley, mushrooms, and saute for 15 minutes until mushrooms are golden brown
In a soup pot add chicken broth, milk, entire mushrooms mixture, salt and pepper, simmer for 30 minutes
remove from heat and pour entire contents into food processor.
blend for 1 minute until mixture is smooth
add 1/4 cup sourcream and blend for 20 seconds
pour soup back in soup pot once again and simmer another 10 minutes
serve with dollup sourcream on top
sprinkle parsley

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