Sunday, January 31, 2010

$9.56 dressing

Hey there!

SO, Barbara and I came out with pretty similar WAY HIGH totals for the grocery shop this week... but we know you didn't spend that!  Nor did we go above the $70 alloted funds! (mine was $62.25 plus cranberries and honey which I couldn't find at my Aldi).

I have to say the balsamic vineagar dressing is $1.49 to buy the Aldi brand dressing - the ingredients for the amazing homemade dressing for which Barbara shares the recipe herein cost $9.56.  The cost that Barbara posts for it is somewhere around a dollar, which of course should tell you you'll have a load of VERY USABLE ingredients left over.  I think her dressing is way worth it, but I'm driving home the point that sometimes in this $70 challenge we're building into that budget the purchase of things we KNOW you have in your pantry!  Hopefully you don't have five jars of minced garlic because you've blindly bought them each week!

I bought all that I needed to supplement my pantry this week and spent $18.87.  I must admit I will not be home on Tuesday, so we are replacing the white fish merluzzo with the ravioli dish that we made earlier this year.  My kids loved that, and my parents will too...and it's loads easier for Joe and my Mom while I'm out.  I'm so excited to have my parents here to check out this project!

later friends!

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