Wednesday, December 30, 2009

7dinners70dollars is here

Barbara and I have entered a new challenge - we're gonna help you get dinner on the table for $70 per week.  Dinner of course is not the meal you serve in the evening, it's the biggest meal of the day.  Somedays you might be joining us for brunch, lunch, or the traditional "supper" meal ... whatever time of day, we want you to enjoy good, healthy, food, prepared quickly and with minimal ingredients ... but best of all, we will do our best to bring it to you for less than $70 per week.  Thank goodness for Aldi!

Today was our first shopping trip.

Soon I'll post the first week menu, the first week shopping list, and the first week shopping results.  We'll also try to squeeze in the nutritional for nearly every meal.  For now, let's just say we did it ... and it was fun.


  1. Yes indeed it was fun!(3 very cooperative and entusiastic kids in tow :)) We went to Aldi, where the price is always right, and the lack of any selection of any item, means no time wasted deciding on which brand to purchase. Im excited thatI purchased EVERY Ingredient I need, and wont have to go back to the store for any items for a week!(actually 9 days)365 days of cooking dinner, yikes.

  2. Oops,sent the above comment under my son Michaels google account. Sorry:)

  3. Good Luck mom! Looking forward to all the good meals!

  4. The menu looks YUM :)

    Good Luck

  5. Good luck with your site. I am a single dad and having some help with meal planning sure is a great idea. I have tried a couple of your meals and they were delicious. I look forward to your menu ideas. I also think Aldi is a great place to shop. Quality is very good and prices are very reasonable.

  6. Thanks Jeff,
    Kudos to the single dad who gets a healthy, tasty meal on the table everynight! Kim and I would like to help you answer the question "whats for dinner dad?" I agree on the Aldi front, the prices are unbeatble, not to mention the one stop shop(usually)